Frequently Asked Question.

What makes Lanxel Candles special?
When you buy one of my candles, you are supporting an independent brand, part of a more positive economy. I make sure we are respectful of the people we work with and the environment. I make 100% vegan candles, without oil, not tested on animals, without phthalates. In addition, I have decided to use natural ingredients and lead-free cotton wicks. The jar can be reused and the packaging recycled. 

Where Are the Products Made?
All my products are made in hand made in small batches by me and my small team in the Craft Factory in Geneva, Switzerland.

Are your products sustainable?
All the candles are made with European grown rapeseed. I use European grown soy wax for the candle kits.  

Why Should I sign up for the Newsletter?
Signing up to our newsletter means being part of our team. I make sure to help you stay updated with all the latest promotions and offerings! Oh and of course being our team member, you also get various exclusive deals and discounts just for you! I respect you and don't overload your inbox. You will only hear from me once, max twice a month.

Do you offer bulk discounts for my wedding/event/corporate gift?
If you would like to order a minimum of 50 pieces of one style/scent. Please contact me for information. 

Do you offer candle making classes?
Yes. See more information here

Do you do wholesale?
Yes! Please fill out this form 
to be considered as a wholesale partner.

Do you ship internationally?
I ship worldwide. We offer a fixed shipping cost of CHF 9 - €8.35 - $10 which will be added at the checkout.

Do you offer samples?
Yes, please see Discovery Kits! You choose 6 scents per Discovery Kit. I also offer a voucher, for the price of the kit, you can use with any order.

Can I return my candle?
Please see our Shipping and Return policies page here.

What is the life span of your candles?

Not that I know off!!!